My mom was fighting cancer and one of the biggest ways I got through that as a primary caregiver was yoga. I started in the beginner tradition of Bikram Yoga in a 40 degree room
with 40 percent humidity.

Through my own development work, I was encouraged to write down 100 accomplishments from my lifetime. This is an exercise that helps boost self esteem, gratitude, and positivity. I highly encourage you to try it! One of the things on my list was the 5- 30 day challenges where I committed 1.5 hours a day to the heat and yoga for 30 days straight. That means I spent 5 months with that daily discipline on those challenges when I was not practising three times a week.

Now you may be thinking: I can’t do yoga! I can’t bend and stretch! Believe me, I am built like a shot put champion and bend like a tree trunk. There are many forms of yoga, which literally translated means “union”. And that’s what I like to provide space for: union of your mind/body/spirit.

If you’re looking for tight abs and Madonna-like arms, this won’t be for you, but it will bring you peace and calm. Yoga is a dialogue between you and the divine. Meditation is where the answers come. As we move from activity to stillness, we begin to understand our true selves better.

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