This was one of the weirdest poems I have ever penned. And it’s the first poem that has snuggled within two covers. This work is so significant to me, because it’s published, but it also unifies my friends and fellow artists in a time of disaster. Forever. Our work will outlive us. And that is true legacy.

My poem was based on Zoom life. A new reality of the pandemic, Zoom has us buzzing in and out, like bees in a hive. The hexagonal nature of a honeycomb inspired the structure, each set of words reminiscent of the words I hear within the various online gatherings that became my lifeline during Covid Phase 1.

My friend Francis Willey is responsible for the cover, which elevates my heart to new heights as well.  These encouragers and nurturers and deeply caring creators held me through this time. Here we all our with our words, as fragrant offerings to the bringer of this holy pain.


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