Owning my story has been a slog. I used to numb the discomfort of it all with hard drugs, alcohol, self-pity and miserable people.

I hid. And still hide. Just less. Our patterns of coping don’t just ever magically leave.

All the things that make me wonderful and unique somehow became defects: my sexuality, ethnicity, mental health diagnosis. I skirted these huge aspects of my being that actually connect me to the hearts and minds of others. Past hurts associated with revealing these things caused me to shove them down deep.

You may not know what it’s like to be kinky (not totally straight ?), or from a war-torn place, or the experience of an invisible disability, or even being racialized in an extremely racist environment, but you have been rejected, confused, or hopeless at some point. This is where the similarities outweight the differences.

Your story is worth exploring. It is worth telling. And GUARANTEED it will help another human come to terms with their lives.

I invite you to come and explore your story with me in the new year in a small group setting if any of this is landing on your heart. On January 4, let’s go deep and explore together. Contact me today to save your spot: 4035963464

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