Every morning for several years, there has been a guiding practise. Over time, this has included morning readings from daily readers and time to put pen to paper. Nothing too deep, just some gratitude listed. This morning especially I am grateful for peace, as I hear the birds chirping and catch the sun rising off my back deck.

Most often these words aren’t overly thought out. We often have the same thoughts repeatedly.

Whether you know it or not, you have a morning ritual with deep connection to it. The installation of daily habits can make you a millionaire, give you a level of fitness, keep you sober. Morning is the time to collect your thoughts and guide the rest of your day. People often feel the most open and productive at this time.

The peace of intent is often in this beginning few hours upon awakening. What does your morning look like? How does it affect the rest of your day? What part of your life are you looking to improve?

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