Michelle Andrishak of WOW Women In Business posted about the importance of mentorship yesterday and tagged me saying, “don’t ignore this!”. I then heard from Canadian icon k.d. lang, my childhood hero, on Twitter! Her mom taught me Grade 2, and was a mentor to my mom. Mr Rogers once accepted a lifetime achievement award, and encouraged everyone to sit quietly for a few minutes and think about someone who changed them for the better. I like to call these people my “champions”, or Aunties.

Yesterday I thought so much about Audrey Lang, my Grade 2 teacher. My parents learned about the culture and norms of the country through people like her. Audrey – k.d.’s mom and mine worked together at Consort School , and she was a great source of strength and guidance as mom parented me, a child so different to herself.

Then later in the day I learned from JoOutLoud and Bobbi-Jo Elizabeth, two other aunties teaching me about activism and creativity and invincible, authentic living. Whether it’s business, or parenting, or culture, or making art, or getting sober, we are called to remember our “aunties” and to be aunties.

Mentorship is a really lovely part of life, whatever you’re trying to do. Auntying is true joy. Thank you to the Lang family for mentorship, love and guidance, near and far. I did enjoy reflecting on the greatness of those who show others the way.


This photo was a chance meeting at an airport k.d. reshared with me. From left to right: k.d. lang, my mom, Dorothy Samuel, her mentor (my Gr. 2 teacher) Audrey Lang, my eldest brother Aqil Samuel



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