The first sidehustle I fully loved was henna. The ancient art of mehndi temporary body art originated in India. The paste is derived from a plant that stains the skin for up to a month. I started doing it back in the day when Madonna popularized it.

My mom, with her entrepreneurial spirit encouraged me, and it opened up new worlds where I went to festivals all over Western Canada and met the most incredible artists, performers and arts supporters.

There is a zen-like quality to the whole process of henna, because of its temporary nature. Henna gives us the opportunity to practise non-attachment.

I also got to serve tween girls. They smell like bubble gum and love trying new things. Pockets full of coins, year after year, I would watch them grow big and come back to the festivals.

It is energetically interesting – and some days very draining – to be so physically close to strangers. I could often tell who needed a lift, just by the way they would sit down and put there hand on me while I drew on their shoulder or arm.

I lead workshops on how to apply your own, and am also available for private functions as well.

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