I have not been a “joiner” for several years. I don’t feel comfortable or safe in too many places outside the realm of those designed for trauma recovery. “Normal folks” (normies!) scare me!!

As you improve yourself, SERVICE becomes essential to staying well.
Whenever we are in recovery from anything, we need someone to show us it can be done, someone we know has our back and just believes in us.

This person can be referred to as a sponsor, mentor, or trusted advisor and their role is essential to growth. You look at them and think, “I want to be like you.”

Throughout the United Way’s Period Promise and our Soroptimist International of Central Alberta this person (not just for myself, but for many people) has been Sherri Barkhouse Smith

Venturing slowly into worlds like yoga, publishing writing and now Soroptimist International of Central Alberta has reignited my love of service, and shown me how to use my special gifts (we all have them) to benefit others.

Sherri has taught me in such a gentle way:

* it’s ok (and important) to talk about your accomplishments

* women together are a strong force for good

* everyone has incredible traits to focus on

* give credit where credit is due

* there’s a special spot in hell for people who can’t build up others

* don’t quit before the miracle

* there’s so much joy in service

Thank you Sherri for making me feel safe, encouraging my art, my passion for women’s equality and showing us all what amazing feminine leadership looks like.


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