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For Parents of Children w/ Mental Health

I admire and respect teachers in a new way since following the work of luminaries like Shelley Moore (@fivemooreminutes) , Jesse Thistle (facebook.com/thistlejesse) , Lori Mac (twitter.com/@MrsMacsKinders) Education is completely different from even 10 years ago, and the name of the game is mental health. When I see these amazing people setting the stage for […]

Surrender Living Women’s Growth Groups

January 2021 Brings new challenges. Live your Surrender with like minds in all areas of your life. These small women’s groups are designed to help you and sustain you in improving your head/heart/home/hustle and hope. Head – You can live well with freedom from addictions – substances, toxic relationships, disordered eating, and more. Mental illness, […]

Pandemic Poems

This was one of the weirdest poems I have ever penned. And it’s the first poem that has snuggled within two covers. This work is so significant to me, because it’s published, but it also unifies my friends and fellow artists in a time of disaster. Forever. Our work will outlive us. And that is […]

Owning Your Story

Owning my story has been a slog. I used to numb the discomfort of it all with hard drugs, alcohol, self-pity and miserable people. I hid. And still hide. Just less. Our patterns of coping don’t just ever magically leave. All the things that make me wonderful and unique somehow became defects: my sexuality, ethnicity, […]


My mom was fighting cancer and one of the biggest ways I got through that as a primary caregiver was yoga. I started in the beginner tradition of Bikram Yoga in a 40 degree room with 40 percent humidity. Through my own development work, I was encouraged to write down 100 accomplishments from my lifetime. […]

Henna Art

The first sidehustle I fully loved was henna. The ancient art of mehndi temporary body art originated in India. The paste is derived from a plant that stains the skin for up to a month. I started doing it back in the day when Madonna popularized it. My mom, with her entrepreneurial spirit encouraged me, […]