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Female Friendships

One Halloween, Jen and I decided to dress in matching gorilla costumes, complete with gorilla gloves and masks. I was slightly taller, and one year younger, so we decided to switch classes. I would go to her “Career and Life Management” (C.A.L.M) class, and she would sit in on my computer class. The idea was […]

Who Saved You? Remembering Your Influences

I grew up on the prairies with my Pakistani parents. In the 80’s. I was tall, muscular, dark skinned, big smiled, hairy with wild eyes and wilder hair. The only other Pakistani girls I knew were in Edmonton. My dad’s best friend’s daughters, who we saw extremely infrequently. So I came by my feelings of […]

Overcoming Fear and Putting Work Out Into the World

If you are reading this, then something remarkable has occurred. I have overcome my fear and inadequacy to share some of myself with the world.  I just got the confidence to start actually reading my poetry to my group I have attended for several years.  A lot of my childhood included never doing anything I […]

HUMILITY: How My Memoir Got Turned Into This Blog

I wanted this to be a self improvement, inspirational, hope-invoking romp through my adventurous, colourful past. Then I got to thinking: Some of my best friends used to regularly piss their pants and live outside. Now they have families, companies, and big lives. They are back from a hopeless despair nothing could really get at. […]


Michelle Andrishak of WOW Women In Business posted about the importance of mentorship yesterday and tagged me saying, “don’t ignore this!”. I then heard from Canadian icon k.d. lang, my childhood hero, on Twitter! Her mom taught me Grade 2, and was a mentor to my mom. Mr Rogers once accepted a lifetime achievement award, […]

Pride Week

Below is my appeal to the RDPS Board to have Pride Week. I submitted it as an Aunty at large. To send your letter of support for Pride Week, please email info@rdpsd.ab.ca before March 10. Feb. 26/2021   To the hardworking board of Red Deer Public Schools, My name is Sabrina Samuel, and I joined […]