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CKUA Is Everything Right About Alberta

CKUA Radio Network is Alberta’s provincial listener-supported radio. If I listen for an hour, I inevitably recognize the names of great Albertan artists, events, and songs. The most overused adjective for the mighty institution: eclectic. And it’s cute when the ag report comes on. I picture lotsa farm machines humming through the fields around with […]

The Magic of Retreats

I once went to a silent retreat and ended up at a garage sale with four other retreaters. People who don’t consciously carve out time for retreats often ask me why I go. We have all spent SO MUCH time at home this year. The beautiful thing about retreat is that it takes you out […]

Addiction in Our Loved Ones

One of the hardest things to face in long-term recovery is seeing the addiction or mental health challenges manifest in our loved ones. Even if we arrest the disease in ourselves, the likelihood of our next generation, or others we love having addiction or mental health issues is extremely high. With that comes all kinds […]

She Was at the Ranch

She Was at the Ranch (part 1) What was on the table at She Was at the Ranch seemed as important as who was around it and here’s why: each decoration represented feminine influences, like the poems. Some of the women on the table were in this edition of the book, some not. As a […]


Find Someone Who Believes in You

I have not been a “joiner” for several years. I don’t feel comfortable or safe in too many places outside the realm of those designed for trauma recovery. “Normal folks” (normies!) scare me!! As you improve yourself, SERVICE becomes essential to staying well. Whenever we are in recovery from anything, we need someone to show […]


Small Daily Steps to Humility

Rooting out feelings of worthlessness takes a lifetime’s work for drug addicts, alcoholics, mental health and trauma survivors. When we talk about being “in recovery” or “doing the work”, this is the basic essence of it. Daily we are attempting to live in the world as equals. We are not less than, even if we […]

Choosing a Better Outcome

This weekend, a friend and her two boys came to stay overnight with me. We had this great evening of fireworks, until one of the boys spotted a terrified dog running away with it’s owner nowhere in sight. For some kids, this would be a five minute worry, but for sensitive kiddos, this is an […]

Morning Rituals

Every morning for several years, there has been a guiding practise. Over time, this has included morning readings from daily readers and time to put pen to paper. Nothing too deep, just some gratitude listed. This morning especially I am grateful for peace, as I hear the birds chirping and catch the sun rising off […]

Female Friendships

One Halloween, Jen and I decided to dress in matching gorilla costumes, complete with gorilla gloves and masks. I was slightly taller, and one year younger, so we decided to switch classes. I would go to her “Career and Life Management” (C.A.L.M) class, and she would sit in on my computer class. The idea was […]